Parent(s) desiring Baptism for their child are asked to follow the steps below:



  • Attend a Pre-Baptism Preparation Course (in person)

    • If you have had a previous child baptized, but it has been more than two years since you have taken a course, please plan to re-attend.


  • Choose your child’s Godparent(s)

    • Helpful guidelines to consider when choosing a Godparent/Sponsor:

      • Parents may choose one or two Godparent(s)/Sponsor(s)

      • At least one Godparent/Sponsor must be a practicing Catholic, the other must be a baptized Christian (Christian Witness).

      • A Godparent/Sponsor must be at least 16 years of age.

      • Baptized and Confirmed in the Catholic faith.

      • Practicing Catholics in good standing.

      • Living out your Christian vocation either as a single person, a religious or clergy, or in a valid marriage in the Catholic Church;

      • For more detailed guidelines in choosing a Godparent/Sponsor click here.

      • Godparent(s)/Sponsor(s) cannot be:

        • A Non-Christian

        • Anyone raised Catholic but has changed their religion or no longer practices the faith.

Catholic Godparent(s) –

Parishioners of St. Mary’s –

  • Print and complete the St. Mary's Letter of Recommendation for Godparents/Sponsors.  This form is required.

    • After signing and completing this form, drop off or mail this form to the Rectory Office at the address below for the pastor’s signature:

      • 6919 Transit Road, Swormville, NY 14051

  • If the Baptism is at St. Mary’s Swormville – no further action needed.

  • If this letter is needed for a Baptism being celebrated at another parish – we’ll notify you when it is ready; pick-up is located on the table outside of Priest’s Sacristy in the New Church.

Non – Parishioners –

  • Must request a Letter of Recommendation from the home parish they attend.  This form is required.

Christian Witness –

Prior to scheduling your child’s baptism, you must submit the applicable paperwork:

  • Registration Form

  • Complete the Pre-Baptism Course (if applicable)

  • Godparent Validation/Eligibility Form

  • Christian Witness Validation/Eligibility Form (if applicable)

If you have any questions, please contact the Catholic Education Formation Office by:

Please note: Baptisms are not scheduled during Lent.

Any parents that are non-parishioners or live out of town, must contact Father Thomas Mahoney at the Parish Rectory (716-688-9380) for approval for Baptism at St. Mary’s. Approval is also required from the Pastor of the church at which the parents currently belong.

Faith Enrichment begins at home with the family. Please review our Catholic Spiritual Development – Infant to Kindergarten to find ways to introduce our faith to your child(ren).

Parents with children ages birth through age four are encouraged to borrow this specially packed bag filled with many ways to help you teach and share our faith as a family. The sign out period will be for 2 weeks. There are items included that are meant for you to keep and other items meant for you to return with the bag.  Everything is meant to create moments to strengthen you as a domestic Church.  Sign up many times throughout the year as content will be added or changed each Liturgical season. 

Let the Children Come to Me Sign-Up

Contact the Catholic Education Office for further details or questions (716) 688-0599