"Consider this..Stewardship", artwork with 3 people holding up a cross
Day of Service June 10, 2023 Photo of two men gardening
Give Blood Poster
Fr. Luke Uebler's Sunday Homilies
Smiling student with 5 adults
front of St. Mary's church
"Consider This, Goodbye" collage of photos of Fr. Luke Uebler
photo of Fr. Luke "Sunday Homilies"
Family reading together: mom, dad, 2 children
Priest at Altar
Life game tiles spell LIFE, "Consider this...the In-Between"
7 people smiling
Mass schedule for Ascension Holy Day
Girls team holding bee mascot
Priest giving first Communion to young boy
"Stellar Shine Jesus' Light"
Fr Luke Uebler, Sunday Homilies
Photo of Mary Quinn
Golf ball with St. Mary logo ans Golf tournament 5-19-23
black and white interior of church, "Consider this... Built of Living Stones"