Faith Topics and Lessons

Welcome to Faith Formation Topics & Lessons for families with children ages 5-18!

  • Below is a list of faith topics that we encourage parents to experience with their children each year.

  • New content will be available for each topic on a yearly basis (from June until April of the following year.)

  • Each Topic will have two faith lessons –

    • 1. one lesson for families with Young Children (ages 5-10)

    • 2. one lesson for families with Teen Children (ages 11-18)

  • Attend a ‘Start-Up Meeting’ –

    • to receive materials needed for lessons and

    • learn how to best utilize the lesson content for your family.

  • Submit the Faith Journey Checklist that you’ll receive at your ‘Start-up Meeting’ to the FF Office by March 27, 2023 so that we can monitor your family’s progress in our system which is important when determining readiness for sacraments (Reconciliation, Eucharist, & Confirmation).

Faith Topics (click Topics to access lessons):

Catholic Spiritual Development: