Parish Library

Did you know we have quite an extensive Catholic library here on our St. Mary’s campus?

The St. Mary’s Library was started many years ago by the Eagle Scouts. Now, it is maintained by two of our own parishioner – Gretchen Olearczyk. The main library is in the Rectory living room,  and is open to parishioners during Rectory business hours. There is also a small annex library located in the church foyer.

Books are cataloged in the same manner as your local library, and there are over 400 books available at this time to borrow. Each location, has a sign out sheet to fill out and it’s that simple! There is no time limit, you may read at your lesiure, but it is asked that all books please be returned for others to enjoy.

There are many different types of books to borrow-historical, faith formation, devotional, and children books to name just a few, and our collection is always growing!

If you have any Catholic books that you are ready to donate, we welcome them! They will be reviewed to be sure they support our Catholic faith and the mission of our Church.

For more information on our parish library or with questions, please contact:

Gretchen Olearczyk