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Reverend Luke Uebler
Temporary Administrator
716-688-9380 x123
Deacon Richard Stachura
RCIA/Adult Formation, Baptism Preparation
Tristan D'Angelo
School Principal
716-689-8424 x111
Christina Egleston
Director of Catholic Education
716-688-0599 x131
Carol Conwall
Parish Secretary
716-688-9380 x120
Susan Schirmer
Parish/Cemetery Administration & Bulletin Editor
716-688-9380 x121
Janice O’Brien
Parish Life Coordinator & Children’s Liturgy
716-688-9380 x127
Donna Allan
Director of Liturgy
716-688-9380 x126
Keith Call
Business Manager
716-688-9380 x128
Joanne Brown
716-688-9380 x129
Don Andres
Facilities Manager
John Turton
Facilities Team Member
Stephanie States
Communications Director
716-689-8424 x113
Jill Fleming
Catholic Education Administrative Assistant
716-688-0599 x130
Krista Jelsovsky
Montessori Children’s House Director
Gretchen Olearczyk
Sacramental Coordinator: Reconciliation and Eucharist
716-688-0599 x133
Gretchen Olearczyk
Baptism Coordinator
716-688-0599 x133
Michael Slish
Youth Minister & Confirmation Coordinator
716-688-0599 x132
Heidi Sutt
Youth Ministry Assistant
716-688-0599 x134
Luke Gozelski
Youth Ministry Assistant
716-688-0599 x134