Program Option and Registration Information

St. Mary’s offers a family-centered faith formation program for families with children in Grades 1-High School where parents –

  • customize their child(ren)’s faith journey utilizing a combination of at-home online faith lessons, Family Lesson Workshops, and/or Youth Lesson Nights.

  • participate in family service opportunities with their children.

  • take part in parish and liturgical events as a family.

In order to participate in and begin our Faith Formation program:

  • We ask that at least one parent attend a Start-up Meeting each year to learn how this program can work best for your family. Once you’ve attended a Start-up Meeting, your family can begin the program with your child(ren)

  • Please note: ALL Start-Up Meetings will be in person. A reminder text will be sent out the morning of your scheduled meeting with the location.

  • IMPORTANT: If you have a child(ren) entering a Sacrament year, please register prior to September.

  • The 2023-2024 Formation year is now open!

  • If you have any questions about our program, please contact our Catholic Education Office via email or call 716-688-0599. 

God bless and take care!