Teen/Adult Faith Enrichment Opportunity

– Parishioners are invited to an online faith enrichment program for adults and teens. Scheduled group meetings will be held on Tuesdays and will be supplemented by virtual home study and discussion for those who cannot attend the meetings. Lessons and discussion forums are available at FaithEnrichment.org.
– Members of the Family Faith Sharing group who would like to use this study option, parishioners interested in a faith enrichment opportunity and non-parishioners who are interested in learning about Catholicism are welcome to participate.
– Visitors to the website http://faithenrichment.org/ can learn about the program and apply for a registration. Only registered users can post and participate on the forum. All postings are monitored so only posts approved by moderators will be visible to all.
Please contact the Family Faith Formation office at familyfaith@stmaryswormville.org for more information or rhodyrich@gmail.com