Teen Family-Liturgical Year Lesson Plan

Teen Family Lesson

Jesus is the Reason for the Season – All Year!

The liturgical years isn’t just about colors and rituals. The seasons are more than wreaths and fish fry Fridays (but these are fun reminders!). They celebrate the life of Christ. They always, always, always focus on Christ. He is the reason for EVERY season!


  • Activity Plan


  1. By understanding the seasons of the Church Year (Liturgical Year) we can more easily relate to the message we hear from the Readings at Mass and celebrate the life of Christ throughout the year. Say this prayer before you begin.

          Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the fun parts of our Church Seasons, but help us, dear God, to also focus on the love you have for us in the presence of your son, Jesus Christ. Help us keep Jesus in our thoughts all year long!


2.    The beauty of the colors and rituals of our liturgical year is that it reminds us of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Distribute the Liturgical Year for Teen activity sheet and ask teens to color the box for that season’s color . Reminder: Advent (Purple and Pink), Christmas (White), Ordinary Time (Green), Lent (Purple), Triduum -Three Days (Red), Easter (White)

3.     Have Teens look up the Bible verses for each season and read together the brief explanation of what part of Jesus’ life is the focus of that season and how the verses relate to the season.

4.    Now think of special celebrations and traditions you do as a family during each of the seasons and how you might decorate your house to remind you of that season and write down your thoughts and ideas on your activity sheet.

5.    Next time you go to Mass, pay special attention to the Readings, the colors of the priest’s vestments, the decorations and how these remind us of Jesus. Have your teen attend the Youth Mass on Sundays at 6pm Mass (Sept.-May) so they can hear and experience God’s Word spoken at their level.

  • Closing Prayer

          Dear God, we are so grateful for the presence of Jesus in our lives.   Amen