Sunday Reflection

Did you ever feel really, really discouraged?  Maybe you wanted to walk away from the church and never come back because you felt as if God let you down.  Or maybe you wanted to run away from home because you were angry with your parents or a member of your family was extremely mean to you.  Maybe you decided you were going to quit your job or quit school because you felt you were treated unfairly.

We’ve all had those experiences. In fact, maybe in some cases we actually did walk away.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if a stranger started walking along with us, gave you a chance to talk about what you were feeling, and then explained to you why things happened the way that they did. You may begin to see things more clearly.

Then you stop along the way for something to eat.  Very often in restaurants, the bread usually shows up first, the stranger takes the bread, says a blessing, breaks the bread, then hands you a piece. Suddenly you realize it is Jesus you just walked with.  Suddenly you realize it is Jesus whom you just talked with.  He smiles at you and then disappears.  He doesn’t say goodbye.  He doesn’t get up and leave.  It is as if he is still there but he can no longer be seen.

Can you imagine anything like this happening to you or to someone you care about?  St. Luke is telling us in the gospel today that this actually happens all the time, especially when we come to Mass.  Think of Thomas!!!  How often we can doubt everything.  Yet we know that Jesus never deserted us in our disappointments and discouragements; “I am with you always,” he told his disciples before he ascended to the right hand of the Father.  But at times we do not recognize him.  He might come to us as a stranger; he might come and speak to us through a book we’re reading or through a friend, or just in the quiet of our hearts.  We too often lose sight of the fact that Jesus blesses us in so many ways.  Too frequently we forget about the many ways he blesses us because all we tend to think about  the things that worry us, or the things that bother us.

Still, we know and believe that he truly blesses us in the Eucharist.  And may we always know that the Lord is with us, helping us along life’s path.  Even though we do not see him, he assured us he is with us and we believe him.

As we continue this Easter Season amidst that trials and uncertainties that may lie ahead of us, we know that Jesus is with us, he is our Lord and our God.  Let us like Thomas overcome fears and our doubts by trusting in him.  May God be with all of your over these next days, weeks and months……..+JMJ……..Fr. Bob!!!!