Sunday Gospel Thoughts- SGT- Fr. Jack Mattimore

Sunday Gospel Thoughts  – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 The Ten Commandments were given to the Jewish people in order for them to know how to live the way that God desired.  The first three commandments deal with their relationship with the Lord God, who is most important to them, as a people and as individuals.

 The following seven commandments all deal with their relationships with other people, and the 4th commandment, the first of the seven, deals with the most important of relationships: one’s parents.   The commandment calls us to honor our parents, who are second only to God.

 What Jesus tells his disciples then in today’s gospel from the end of Matthew 10 was shocking.  For a prophet or a teacher or a rabbi to claim that he was more important than one’s parents was unthinkable.  Yet that is what Jesus tells his twelve apostles.  Think about what Jesus was saying without coming right out and saying it.  The only One more important than one’s parents is God, which is why Jesus can make such a claim on their lives.  Jesus is telling the disciples that he is divine and as such demands first place in their lives.

Jesus’ words ought to lead us to take an honest look within ourselves to see if we have put anyone or ahead of Jesus in our lives.  If we have, we are not worthy to call ourselves his disciples and need to make some changes.


Fr. Jack Mattimore, SJ