Sunday Gospel Thoughts- SGT- Fr. Jack Mattimore

Sunday Gospel Thoughts – 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Parables are not simply comparison stories, though that is what they sound like most of the time.  Instead, parables are puzzles or riddles, and as we listen to them, we ought to be look for the twists in the story because that’s where the meaning lies.

 In today’s gospel (Matthew 13:1-23) Jesus tells the parable of the sower and then he explains it to the disciples in private.  There are two twists: the first is that the sower is perhaps the worst farmer there ever was, and the second is that the harvest from the seed that fell on good soil is miraculous and unbelievable.  The farmer and his way of sowing seed and the produce from the seed planted in rich soil would have had those listening to Jesus shaking their heads and wondering what was going on.  Jesus certainly got their attention telling such a strange parable.

What those two twists tell us about God’s word and what can result is good news indeed and understanding the parable makes it clear that we have some work to do in order to do God’s will.  I’ll explain more in the homily.


Fr. Jack Mattimore, SJ