Sunday Gospel Thoughts- Fr. Jack Mattimore

Sunday Gospel Thoughts – John 14:15-21


In today’s gospel, Jesus is speaking to the disciples at the Last Supper.  Soon they wil no longer see him, and even after the Resurrection, he will not be with them in the same way as he was.  Jesus is preparing them for all of that as he speaks of new ways he will be present to them.  We know, of course, that he that night give them the Eucharist, a way in which he remained with them and with us.  He also speaks of “another Advocate” that he will ask the Father to give to them.  Notice the word “another” which means that Jesus himself is and will continue to be their advocate.  But the Holy Spirit will be an advocate – which is a Latin work – or a paraclete- which is a Greek word – also.  The Spirit, Jesus promises, will be at our side to help us, to counsel us, to defend us, to be there for us in any way needed.  Once the Holy Spirit is sent, all believers, including us, are swept up into the mystery of the life of the Trinity.  We have the love of the Father, who created us, salvation from our sins as a result of Jesus’ loving us so much he died for us, and the constant help of the Holy Spirit, who dwells with us, bringing us peace, joy, strength and so much more. 

God is for us and within us and always, in very powerful ways, with us.  Amen!


Fr. Jack Mattimore, SJ