St. Mary’s Monday Afternoon Robo Calls



Did I just miss a call from St. Mary’s? Yes, you did, but not to worry!

Since our pandemic is lasting a bit longer than we all expected, we wanted to be able to reach out to you with St. Mary’s updates via our phone system. Many parishioners are not connected to have the ability to access our website, Electronic Newspaper, or bulletins for these quickly changing updates.

So, EVERY MONDAY AFTERNOON, Father Bryan will send a quick ROBO CALL out to the parish to share important parish news and upcoming events of importance.

If you miss the call, please wait a few minutes for the recorded message to load in your voicemail message box and you will have the news!  It has been shared that some messages break off or are garbled, and we are working to fix this as we speak! Thank you for your patience.

Please know that any call of urgency personal to you from our parish, will surely be followed up in a timely manner with an additional call.

As the Parish office is closed to visitors, email any thoughts/questions you may have to:

See our full listing of communication platforms that help you stay connected in our bulletin and website!