Is Jesus Calling You To This Retreat?

The New Year always offers a fresh start, a renewal for mind, body and spirit. Here at St. Mary’s in February and March, we offer the opportunity to renew in our Christ Renews Welcome Retreats.

Two day weekend mini retreats that can start your new year off in a way you never expected:

Walking in troubled and carrying your cross- walking out free of that weight.
Walking in full of peace- walking out burning with more fire for your faith, and for Jesus.
Walking in and not really knowing anyone in your new parish- walking out with 20 new friends in Christ.

Listen to a few of the comments from men and women after this retreat:

The CRHP WEEKEND was truly the most moving experiences of my life. It brought me closer to God, St. Mary’s Church and the wonderful women in this community.”

Just the beginning – little did I know that this would just be the start of my realization that I longed for a deeper relationship. This weekend was wonderful in every way.”

“I was totally resistant to going to this retreat. I’m not a touchy-feely guy, but this was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

For all these years, I said I would never make a Christ Renews weekend; that it wasn’t for me. I am so glad that I changed my mind; it has been a great, uplifting experience which has brought me closer to God!”

Now’s the time, give this New Year’s resolution a try to become a better you through the process of a spiritual retreat, it’s all possible when you stand with Christ!

We are praying for you as you discern HIS call to attend…..

Women’s Weekend-

Men’s Weekend-