Sacred Scripture Online Lesson

Sacred Scripture

This lesson will help you to understand what the
Gospels are and how they are a part of the Holy Mass.

Let’s Pray!

Lord God, Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about our faith through Sacred Scripture.  May we be filled with the desire to learn more about you and your mission and to continue to share your love and mercy to others every day.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Learn it!

Sacred Scripture

The Liturgy of the Word is comprised of scripture readings, a homily, the profession of faith and the prayers of the faithful.

The Scripture Readings are taken from a book called the “Lectionary.” This large book is usually kept open at the pulpit, from which the lectors and priest read Bible passages for the day’s liturgy. Every Sunday there are three readings. These are printed in the Lectionary in a three year cycle, A, B and C.

The First Reading in the Mass comes from the Old Testament.  In these stories God is speaking to His chosen people. The first reading and the Gospel reading are usually connected by a theme.

In the Second Reading we read from the New Testament.  It is usually taken from one of the Letters of the Apostles.  Read: 1Peter 1-10   Contemplate on Peter’s message and reflect on what he wants all of us to know. Orange Youth Bible pg. 1759   Teal Youth Bible pg.1652

The Gospel follows the Second Reading.  What are the Gospels and where did they come from?  The word Gospel means “Good News.” Through the Books of Matthew, Mark and Luke, with the exception of John’s Gospel, they each give us a unique perspective on the Life of Jesus.

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Live it!

Now that you have a greater understanding of scripture readings, begin to listen more closely at Mass and live the Gospel message.

 Teal Youth Bible pg.1653 Read Growing in Faith Prayer:  “Live the Belief

Orange Youth Bible pg. 1759   Read Pray it! “Live the Belief”  What does God want you to do?

Fill in the blank “Not just to hear it, but to ___________it.”

Ending Reflection Prayer in Song.