Based on mandates from the Buffalo Diocese and the CDC, baptisms will not be scheduled at this time. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Parent(s) desiring Baptism for their child are asked to follow the steps below:


  • Attend one Baptismal Preparation Course 
    • Due to COVID 19 restrictions, on-campus Baptismal Preparation Courses have been cancelled, email Jill Fleming to receive information for the Online option.
    • If this is your second or third child, and it has been more than two years since you have taken a course, please plan to re-attend.



  • Choose your child’s Godparent(s)
    • Helpful guidelines to consider when choosing a Godparent/Sponsor:
      • Parents may choose one or two Godparent(s)/Sponsor(s)
      • At least one Godparent/Sponsor must be a practicing Catholic, the other must be a baptized Christian (Christian Witness).
      • A Godparent/Sponsor must be at least 16 years of age.
      • Baptized and Confirmed in the Catholic faith.
      • Practicing Catholics in good standing.
      • For more detailed guidelines in choosing a Godparent/Sponsor click here.
      • Godparent(s)/Sponsor(s) cannot be:
        • A Non-Christian
        • Anyone raised Catholic but has changed their religion or no longer practices the faith.
    • Catholic Godparent(s) – must print and complete the Godparent Validation/Eligibility Form
    • Christian Witness –  must print and complete the Christian Witness Validation/Eligibility Form

Contact the Family Faith Formation office by email at or by phone at (716) 688-0599 if you have any questions.

Any parents that are non-parishioners, or live out of town, must contact Deacon Rick Stachura at the Rectory (716-688-9380) for approval for Baptism at St. Mary’s. Approval is also required from the pastor of the church at which parents belong to.