Project Mission India

Since 1994, St. Mary’s parishioners have directly supported Father’s Sleeva’s Project Mission India by sending in donations to provide funding for Catholic schools, boarding homes for school children and the elderly, medical dispensaries, irrigation and clean drinking water wells, seed, pesticides and fertilizer for farmers, emergency family assistance and construction of chapels and low cost housing.

Nalgonda Diocese, India, consists of Nalgonda, Mahabubnager, and a part of R.R. District. It is a impoverished region. Rice is the staple food, and eight hours of labor in a field yields a wage of only $3.00 per day. Child labor has greatly improved, but still happening due to dire economic situations of some poorer families.

According to the Medical Council of India, there is only one doctor for every 2500 people in rural India. Malnutrition and poor environmental sanitation are significantly improving. Providing quality food, and improving sanitation, would greatly enhance the general health of the population.

Lastly, education is a prerequisite to improvement of these conditions. Because most children come from rural villages where no schools exist, boarding homes and orphanages are utilized to bring children to a location for schooling. This region stands last in India, with a literacy rate of almost 50%. The Indian government and private institutions, are concentrating on improving the literacy rate and providing quality career educations.

Father Sleeva provides schooling for children aged Pre-K through grade 10. He is also helping children continue their education into college.

Please consider and pray over your donation to Project Mission India. St. Mary’s Collects all year for this important ministry that makes a tremendous difference for so many. A donation of $30, can provide food, clothing, and needed medical care for an entire family in India for a month.

May God continue to bless Father Sleeva in his mission work and allow him to continue to provide for those in great need in India.

If you would like to donate, envelopes are available in the rectory.