Parish Safety Lesson Videos

Below are links to videos (a semi-automated slide presentation) for each grade level.

You will need internet access to view these slides in your internet browser. The slides will begin to run automatically when you click on the link below. Because audio cannot be automatically run on each slide, the parent will either need to read the content of each slide or have the teacher read it to them. There are several videos included in each set of slides. When a slide with a video appears, you will see a play button in the center of a still image of the video. Click on the play button as soon you as you can after you see it to begin the video. The timing of the automatic playing of the slides depends on your clicking this play button shortly after you see it. If and when Google improves this slide application, these videos will be improved.

Safety for Grades 1-2

Safety for Grades 3-5

Safety for Grades 6-8

Please comment if you have feedback or recommendations on how this safety content can be improved.