October is Respect Life Month

Oct 2, 2019 | Featured Posts

This month at St. Mary’s, our Respect Life Committee and Ministry, will be coordinating many activities to help bring awareness to the Sanctity of Life. Join us by participating in any of the activities listed below. If you would like any additional information regarding Respect Life activities and ministry here at St. Mary’s, please contact:

Mark Zima, Respect Life Ministry Chair @ mzima19@yahoo.com

JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT GATHERING-– Just as the Blessed Virgin Mary dealt with a surprise pregnancy under difficult circumstances, how can we help those women who are struggling with the same situation to not choose abortion as the solution. Gov. Cuomo in his “Women Health Care” expansion has already extended abortion to include some form of infanticide. Nine states have legalized assisted suicide – will New York be next?  Consider the Respect Life Ministry to see how we can address some of these concerns. Join us on Tuesday, October 15, at 7 PM,  in Room 105  to learn what this vital ministry currently does and what possibilities that might be taken for the future.


National Life Chain:  On the first Sunday in October, Life Chain invites churches in each city and town across North America to bear witness in the public arena to raise awareness of the Sanctity of Life. In light of the recent expansion by our New York State government to include late term abortions, even a form of infanticide, it is more important than ever that we come together and stand up for life in the womb. Representation from churches all over the Buffalo area will be peacefully walking and praying along Niagara Falls Boulevard. St. Mary’s parishioners will be standing for life from 2-3 PM on Niagara Falls Boulevard, just north of North French Road on the east side of the road in front of the Wegmans Plaza. Come join us next Sunday, October 6, for this l-hour, peaceful display of support for life.

Cemetery for Innocent: Every October at St. Mary’s,  crosses are staked into the front lawn facing Transit Rd. as a reminder of the countless lives lost to abortion.

40 Days for Life : Every year in late September the 40 Days for Life event takes place.  Participants can sign up for an hour or more of peaceful prayer outside the abortion clinic at 2500 Main St. Buffalo.  During the last 3 days of the event, the vigil is held around the clock.  Parishioners participate from many local Christian and Catholic churches.
March for Life: Every January, dioceses from throughout the country march into Washington, D.C.,  in a show of solidarity against the Roe vs. Wade decision of decades ago .  The Buffalo Diocese sets up buses and hotel arrangements for participants. ( There is a cost to the participants).