Risen Retreat Crew

young people in group

Risen Retreat crew, or R.R.C., is a youth group that meets a few times a year, to guide other teens on their faith journey.  Teens who were inspired by the Holy Spirit during their Confirmation retreat and want to give back to other teens who are experiencing a Confirmation retreat join R.R.C.  Teen members of the R.R.C. plan and volunteer during the retreats. Duties may include:

  • Being a small group leader

  • Being a speaker during the retreat

  • Serving food to participants

  • Helping keep St Mary’s Church tidy

  • Doing some “Behind the Scenes” work

Having fun and helping others find the Holy Spirit.

Please contact the Youth Ministry Team if you are interested in getting involved and for more information: Send an email to Youth Ministry Team or 716-688-0599.