Celebrating the Mass (00) Introduction

Celebrating the Mass

Elements of the Catholic Mass is designed to help you better appreciate the beauty of the Mass. Featuring experts from the Liturgical Institute, the program consists of short videos, study guides, and resources provided for you by St. Mary’s to use for individual study or in a class at the parish.

Fr. Douglas Martis is the featured expert in the first season of “Elements of the Catholic Mass.” He has a doctorate in Sacramental Theology from the Institute Catholique in Paris and a Ph.D. in History of Religions and Religious Anthropology from the University of Paris (Sorbonne). He is a priest of the Diocese of Joliet and currently teaches at the Pontifical College Josephinum. He is former Associate Professor of Sacramental Theology and Chairperson of the Department of Liturgy and Music at Mundelein Seminary. From 2004 he served as Director of the Liturgical Institute of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake.

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Jesse Weiler is the Director, Cinematographer and Editor of “Elements of the Catholic Mass.”  He is the Assistant Director of Communications at the Liturgical Institute in Mundelein, IL and has a B.A. in Media Studies from Loras College in Dubuque, IA.

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MASS FACTS  <== Click this link to review your understanding of the Mass

Episode 01 – The Meaning of Liturgy
Episode 02 – Intelligent Worship
Episode 03 – The Role of the Parishioner
Episode 04 – The Church Building
Episode 05 – Processions
Episode 06 – Signs and Symbols
Episode 07 – Sacramental Signs
Episode 08 – The Purpose of the Mass
Episode 09 – Active Participation
Episode 10 – Who Says the Mass is Boring?
Episode 11 – Unity and Diversity in the Mass
Episode 12 – Music Part 1
Episode 13 – Music Part 2
Episode 14 – The Collect
Episode 15 – Liturgy and Language
Episode 16 – The Liturgist & Liturgiologist
Episode 17 – Vestments Part 1
Episode 18 – Vestments Part 2
Episode 19 – The Church Doors
Episode 20 – Incense in the Mass
Episode 21 – Bows in the Mass
Episode 22 – The Book of the Gospels
Episode 23 – The Word of the Lord
Episode 24 – The Creed
Episode 25 – The Bow in the Creed
Episode 26 – The Altar
Episode 27 – My Sacrifice and Yours
Episode 28 – The Mystery of Faith
Episode 29 – The Bow Before Receiving Holy Communion
Episode 30 – The Liturgical Movement
Episode 31 – The Dismissal

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