Creed – Young Family Lesson 2018-2019

Lesson Focus – NICENE CREED


  • To complete this lesson, you will need to refer to pages in the Catholic Children’s Bible (CCB) and the Celebrating Eucharist Mass Book for Children (CE) as indicated.
  • After reviewing the lesson, you may find it necessary to explain the information to your children in language they can better understand. Please contact the FF Office at 716-688-0599 or email if you would like assistance in modifying an activity to better suite your family’s needs.


Begin your lesson with prayer  –


  • Sign of the Cross

Parents: Remind your children that when we say this simple prayer, we are saying “Yes, I believe…”:

> in one God

> in the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit

> you can call on God

> God will hear and answer your prayer

> Jesus died on a cross for us

> Jesus rose from the dead

> Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to you


  • The Apostles Creed

Parents: The Sign of the Cross prayer is a simple reminder of our beliefs. When you say the Apostles Creed (CCB pg. 1994), you are giving a more complete explanation of what you believe. This lesson will focus on the Nicene Creed, which is also found in the CE pg.16.

  • The Nicene Creed

Parents: When you say the Nicene Creed, you are reciting a profession of faith that was created by the Council of Nicea I (325 AD) to teach very clearly that Jesus Christ is “consubstantial” or “one in Being” with the Father, sharing the same divine nature (they are both God); that He is begotten (of the same substance), not made or created; and that Mary conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and through her, Jesus Christ, true God, became also true man. This completed Nicene Creed was introduced into the Mass about the year 500 AD.

  1. Help your children to better understand the Nicene Creed – Print out the following coloring pages and glue them on a poster board or make into a booklet and discuss with your children.


> Nicene Creed Section 1 — God the Father (Nicene Creed Coloring – Father)

> Nicene Creed Section 2 — God the Son (Nicene Creed Coloring – Jesus)

> Nicene Creed Section 3 – God the Spirit and His Church (Nicene Creed Coloring – Spirit)



  • PARENTS: Share with your children why you had them baptized and your dreams for their life within the Catholic church.
  • CHILDREN: Share with your parents what you believe about God.


End your lesson with prayer –
  • Begin prayer with the Sign of the Cross
  • As a family say, the Act of Faith (CCB pg. 1996)
  • End prayer with the Sign of the Cross