St. Mary’s Announces New Director of Catholic Education Office

St. Mary’s began their search for Karen Smaczniak’s replacement upon the announcement of her retirement as our Director of Faith Formation and Children’s Catechumen.

After interviewing many applicants, the perfect answer was our very own Youth Minister, Christina Egleston.

Joining St. Mary’s in 2005, she immediately signed up to be a catechist upon her registration as a parishioner.  Christina had been dedicating her service to Christ and His Church as a catechist since her own Confirmation as a youth.  Christina comments “ I have always loved learning and teaching and this has been my calling all throughout life.”

She continued teaching for many years as a catechist to many different grade levels and ministries including our Spirit Mentor Program. In addition, she took advantage of the many opportunities to enrich her own faith by participating in our bible studies, workshops, and becoming a Eucharistic Minister.

In 2016, the Faith Formation Department was in need of a Sacrament Coordinator and the team went into prayer asking the Lord to help them decide on the pool of candidates that interviewed for the position.  Christina’s name appeared on all of their hearts.

This most recent appointment as Director of our Catholic Education office effective April 12th, was again a perfect fit for St. Mary’s due to her hands on experience in all of the sub departments within our Faith Formation Office, her strong faith, her forward thinking, and her love of teaching that will all grow this ministry for many years to come.

Christina fully believes that the Holy Spirit has guided her path all along the way to where she sits today and she “holds His hand as He continues to lead me.”

The St. Mary’s Catholic Education Office will now broaden its outreach in continuing Catholic education for our entire faith community- our school, our youth, and our adult formation offerings.  Christina is looking forward to working with this new team and all the new wonderful days that lay ahead.

Registrations for the 2021-2022 school year will go live in May, and this year’s focus is on living your faith, reminding everyone that “With God all things are possible.”

Christina is married for 26 years to her husband Christopher; they have 2 children and live in East Amherst.  Her parents have also been parishioners here at St. Mary’s for many years, and you may know her dad, as he is frequently playing the maracas in the St. Mary’s music ministry at 6p.m. Mass on Sunday’s. They were also very active and involved in the St. Mary’s bible studies- Little Rock that ran for years. Christina’s children are frequently seen volunteering their time and talents in many of St. Mary’s ministries and activities too!

Please join us in wishing Christina the very best in her new position and praying that the Holy Spirit continues to guide her throughout the years to come!