Morning Prayer Room – Virtual Rosary

Join us on Wednesday mornings, as we gather in our “VIRTUAL MORNING PRAYER ROOM” to say the Holy Rosary of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

We are utilizing the Zoom conferencing platform and you can join in using your computer, Ipad, or even by calling a number on your phone and be able to receive audio to participate in prayer with us.

Emails are sent daily with the links and we have many St. Mary’s  past and present parishioners praying with us from all over the country.

If you are still learning some of the longer prayers or are a Rosary beginner,  we have made the Rosary prayers visible so that you can follow along and become more familiar with this beautiful form of prayer!

Very easy to register! Just send the request with your preferred email and name to :

Then, watch for your morning invites that will provide the information you will need daily to log into the Prayer Room!