Missionary Vocation – Young Family Lesson 2018-2019

Lesson Focus – St. Teresa of Calcutta teaches us how to be evangalizers. That is our mission!


  • To complete this lesson, you will need to refer to pages in the Catholic Children’s Bible (CCB) and/or Celebrating Eucharist Mass Book for Children (CE) as indicated.
  • After reviewing the lesson, you may find it necessary to explain the information to your children in language they can better understand. Please contact the FF Office at 716-688-0599 or email familyfaith@stmaryswormville.org if you would like assistance in modifying an activity to better suite your family’s needs.


Begin the lesson with prayer –

Lord, through your never-ending love, give us the courage to spread your word and love to everyone around us.  Amen

  • End with the Sign of the Cross


  • Missionary – A follower of Jesus who is sent to share their love, beyond where they live. They follow Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations.           
  • Evangelization – Is the work of announcing The Good News; to make people disciples of Jesus.
  • Saint Teresa of Calcutta was a missionary who evangelized through her love of the poor, sick and homeless. Read her story to your children or have them read it with you. Addendum to the story: St. Teresa was canonized as a saint on Sept. 4, 2016 by Pope Francis. Her Feast day is Sept. 5.
  1. Depending on the age of your children, print out  St. Teresa Of Calcutta Coloring Page or St. Teresa of Calcutta Word Search  Optional : Parents: If you’d like additional info, watch this video with Bishop Barron on St. Teresa of Calcutta
  2. St Teresa loved to quote the Bible, especially the gospel of Matthew.  Read Matthew 25:34,37-40 (CCB pg.1510)
  3. Go to CCB pg. 1511 Read ‘Understand it!‘. Have your children underline or highlight the 2nd sentence.
  4. Open the Five Finger Activity and do what St Teresa used to do!


  • Review the following and discuss with your child. Choose one or more ways that you can be an evangelizer of Jesus Christ!
  1. Wear a cross necklace/chain/bracelet – it has meaning!
  2. Share the true meaning of Christmas (Jesus’ birth!). It’s more than Santa and presents.
  3. Explain to someone that Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord. It is when he rose from the grave after he was crucified. Easter is so much more than Easter baskets and candy
  • At the end of mass, the priest or deacon will say something like  ‘Go and announce the gospel of the Lord’ (CE pg. 34). We are being reminded to be evangelizers!
  1. Open God’s Family Shows Love and complete with your children.


End the lesson with prayer –
  • Begin prayer with the Sign of the Cross
  • Say the following prayer (taken from words of St. Teresa) together:

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for a smile is the beginning of love. We shall never know all the good a simple smile can do.

  • Pray the The Our Father (Lord’s Prayer) (CCB pg.1992)
  • End prayer with the Sign of the Cross