Missing St. Mary’s Mass?

Missing St. Mary’s Mass Already? 

 We know that there are many choices to watch a Mass on television, online, or even live-stream within our Diocese.

We want you to know that we understand how important it is to be able to see your altar, your priests and deacons, and hear your own Mass music.

That being said, we are giving it our all to be able to have you participate in a St. Mary’s Mass while we are seperated and confined to our homes.

Please bear with us as we obtain and learn the technology necessary for this type of production. We promise that it will get better each week as we learn!

NOW, it’s time for you to get ready to attend Mass from home! Here are some suggestions to ready your soul for this unique spiritual experience:

  • Create a home altar with a Cross, the Bible, some candles and a tablecloth. Leave some room on this table for your computer. Place chairs in front of this altar for everyone to sit when watching the online Mass.
  • Participate in a Spiritual Communion, when Holy Communion is to be handed out, by reading the prayer. This is available for download on our website homepage.
  • Participate in the online experience just like you do at Mass- SING!
  • Dress the part…. wear what you would wear to Mass.
  • Set the time that you all gather to watch this as a family, and be on time, just like when Mass starts on time.

We will be saving all our recorded Masses and prayer services we tape to our YouTube channel. Become a Subscriber so you can see them all @  St. Mary’s Parish Swormville