Meat Raffle Fun!

Saturday, March 9th, was a night to remember for our parish and school community!

The school gym was filled with over 300 people to partake in our First Inaugural Meat Raffle. If you have never attended a  meat raffle, you have set absolutely no expectations for what might happen at one and oh boy,  did this night make for many laughs! Experienced “meat raffle attendees” knew how to prepare. They had plastic steaks hanging on necklaces, special holders on sticks that they raised in the air that held their dollars, picnic coolers at their feet ready to hold their winnings and carry their meat home, and yes, they remembered their large pile of dollars. Most raffle rounds were a $1, with the most expensive round being the finale with $5. When they called your number and you found out you won a ham,  there was a loud noise, big smiles, and the silly thrill of knowing , that yes, you actually won a ham!

Friends and family gathered,  bringing homemade snacks from home for their tables to enjoy and share with others. Walking around, tables were full.  We saw cheese and crackers, shrimp and cocktail sauce, homemade dips and chips, home made cookies, and so many more tasty treats! St. Mary’s provided keg beer, wine and soda with the ticket purchase and craft beers were sold by the can along with pizza slices .

The night proved to be a great fundraiser for St. Mary School and hats off to all who orchestrated this awesome event! Another batch of experienced “meat raffle attendees” has been born and we look forward to upping our game at our next event!