Inter-Religious Dialogue – Teen Family Lesson 2018-2019

  • To complete this lesson, you will need to refer to pages in the Catholic Youth Bible orange colored edition (CYB-O) OR Catholic Youth Bible  teal colored edition (CYB-T) as indicated.
  • After reviewing the lesson, you may find it necessary to explain the information to your children in language they can better understand. Please contact the FF Office at 716-688-0599 or email if you would like assistance in modifying an activity to better suite your family’s needs.


Begin your lesson with prayer –
  • Begin the prayer with the Sign of the Cross
  • Pray as a family The Our Father (Lord’s Prayer) 
  • End the prayer with the Sign of the Cross


1. Our Jewish Roots
  • In our creeds we learn about God and that God is a Holy Trinity, namely, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is God the Son. He became a human being like us to teach us how to fulfill our purpose in life which is to love God first and love others as we love ourselves, and open the gates of heaven for us. Jesus was born into the Jewish faith about 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. Jesus lived on earth for about 33 years. Today he lives in heaven with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus created the Catholic Church for us and made his apostle Peter the first pope (read CYB-O pg. 1337 ‘Introducing..Peter the Rock OR CYB-T pg. 1265 ‘Catholic Connection – Like a Rock’). So the roots of our Catholic Church are Jewish and the Jewish place to worship God is called a Synagogue.
2. Jesus in the Synagogue
Watch this video for a basic knowledge of a Synagogue ==> What to Expect Read at least one or all of the following Bible stories about Jesus in the Synagogue (Temple).
  • Jesus is Presented in the Temple Luke 2:22-24  (CYB-O pg. 1419 OR CYB-T pg. 1341)
  • Jesus Obeys His Parents Luke 2:46-52 (CYB-O pg. 1421 OR CYB-T pg. 1342)
  • Jesus Says He Came to Save Us Luke 4:16-19, 21 (CYB-O pg. 1425 OR CYB-T pg. 1346)
3. Learn About the Jewish Synagogue
  • Click on the following link to view and optionally print out a table comparing some parts of a Catholic Church with a Jewish Synagogue ==> Connections — Synagogue and Church
  • With the table above in view or in hand, click on the following link to view a short video tour describing what you would see in a Jewish Synagogue with your children ==> Video Tour
  • If you need help with any of the answers to the questions in the table, click on the following link ==> Connections– Synagogue and Church -Answer Key



  • PARENTS: Tell your children about the people you know who are Jewish and any experience you may have had attending a service in a Synagogue. Share with your children how much God loves them and all the people He has created.
  • TEENS: Share with your parents how you feel knowing how much God loves you and all the other people in the world.


End your lesson with prayer –
  • Begin prayer with the Sign of the Cross
  • Say the Act of Faith prayer together as a family:

Oh my God, I firmly believe that you are one God in three Divine Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I believe that your divine Son became man and died for our sins and that he will come to judge the living and the dead. I believe these and all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches because you have revealed them who are eternal truth and wisdom, who can neither deceive nor be deceived. In this faith I intend to live and die. Amen.

  • End prayer with the Sign of the Cross