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What will the New Pope accomplish for God and the Church? Time will tell of course. People and the media are already after him to do this or that. After learning something about the background of Pope Francis, former archbishop of Argentina, I thought of the old movie “Shoes of the Fisherman” when the new pope from Russia came out on the same loggia of St. Peter’s and said he was giving away the treasures of the Vatican to feed the poor. People can debate that today about giving away or selling articles of history, but I think that this will be a main concern of his during his pontificate. I thought that might have a younger Pope – ’60’s- but the Holy Spirit didn’t think so. A kind, humble pastor who will continue the teachings of the Catholic Church is the man who will serve the Catholics of the world for a number of years. His being from South America brings a new dimension of the faith to those countries where there are struggles between the Catholic Church and governments, and the challenges that the Catholic Church faces from the Evangelical sects that reach out to convert Catholics in some of those countries. Let us pray for this Pope and for the Catholic Church during these times. Jesus promised that he would be with His people until the end of time. I believe this and hope all of us believe.

– Fr. Yetter

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