A Goodbye …

My Dear Friends, as you know one of my chosen ministries within the Religious Order – I belong to (Pallottine Fathers) is missionary work. Poland, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, USA: East Aurora, Cheektowaga, Sarasota FL. Swormville, these are my past and present “stations.”

Soon I will move to a new place: Grand Island NY. As you can see, it is a lot, but this is my choice.

Travelling throughout the world gave me a great opportunity to meet a lot, I mean, a lot of people. There was no place that I could feel like alone, abandoned, ect.

St. Mary’s Swormville , is my the longest assignment. From the first day I arrived here (August 2012) I had a feeling that I am coming to lovely, warm and welcoming community. I am not disappointed. You showed me your love and care in many different ways. First of all being a part of your family events: Baptisms, First Reconciliation, First Communion, weddings, calling me to pray with sick members of your families and presiding at the funerals – gave me great opportunity to know you better. So many invitations to dinners and providing so much food for me – never allowed me to lose my wait. And what is always the most important to us priests: your presence in this church, your participation in our religious celebrations gave me great feeling that we walk together. My Cheektowaga-Polish-English didn’t scare you or kept you away from this place.

And for these precious moments I would like to thank you. It is hard to find special words to express my gratitude.

To fr. Bob Zilliox, Deacons,  our Staff Members, Volunteers and to all of you my Friends: may God reward you for your kindness, goodness, patience, generosity and love.

If I offended somebody, please forgive me.

From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!

Yours in Christ; Fr. Andrew