From The Pulpit… Trinity Sunday Father’s Day Message to Our St. Mary’s Dads

Deacon Rick shared his homily on Father Day, Sunday, June 16th, with the 9 a.m. Mass. This same day is a special day in our Liturgical calendar when we celebrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

Below is an excerpt from Deacons homily delivering a message to our fathers on how they can be assimilated to the Blessed Trinity in the context of Creator,Redeemer, and Sanctifier.

” Consider this; our fathers are creators in their own way, They, with the help of their wife, create life, the children they bring into this world. But it is also important for fathers to create an environment where love and peace and learning are in great abundance in their families and homes. They do this by being an example to their children and loving and supporting their wife in raising their children. This is how our fathers emulate God the Creator.

We know that family life is not always easy. Challenges occur that take parents to the breaking point. Relationships are tested. Children push the limits of a father’s patience. But, we as fathers need to be the redeemers in our families, showing compassion and understanding in these difficult situations. We need to offer forgiveness with unconditional love to our children and wives and extended families for the disappointments that will happen. We as fathers emulate God the Redeemer when we forgive without wanting anything but unconditional love in return.

And considering the Holy Spirit as Sanctifier, we as fathers have one job that we need to do, to get our children and wives to heaven. We need to be the sanctifier in our families by modeling what good Catholic Christian men are. We need to show our children that practicing our faith everyday is not an option. It has been shown in studies that children who have a father as a strong faith figure will be faithful to their religious tradition. We as Catholic fathers need to influence our children, and for that matter our wives and extended families and community, to practice their faith and not let the vocal minority, who would like to see religion removed from every facet of our public lives, rule the day. As Matthew Kelly puts it, BE BOLD, BE CATHOLIC!

So, today Dads, let’s not forget our duty to our families, by being the creator of a nurturing home environment, the redeemer by forgiving the transgressions of our children, and the sanctifier by not only praying for your family, but being an example by practicing your faith in all that you do!”