Faith Topics and Lessons

Welcome to Faith Formation Topics & Lessons for families with children ages 5-18!

  • Below is a list of faith topics that we encourage parents to experience with their children each year.
  • New content will be available for each topic on a yearly basis (from June until April of the following year.)
  • Each Topic will have two faith lessons –
    • 1. one lesson for families with Young Children (ages 5-10)
    • 2. one lesson for families with Teen Children (ages 11-18)
  • Attend a ‘Start-Up Meeting’ –
    • to receive materials needed for lessons and
    • learn how to best utilize the lesson content for your family.
  • Submit the Faith Journey Checklist that you’ll receive at your ‘Start-up Meeting’ to the FF Office by April 1, 2021 so that we can monitor your family’s progress in our system which is important when determining readiness for sacraments (Reconciliation, Eucharist, & Confirmation).

Faith Topics (click Topics to access lessons):

  1. Diocesan Safety Lesson  (complete by Nov. 1)
  2. Creed
  3. Sacred Scripture
  4. Sacraments
  5. Conscience
  6. Christian Living
  7. Missionary Vocation
  8. Ecumenism
  9. Catholic Principles & Relationships
  10. Inter-Religious Dialogue

Reconciliation – Step by step (includes an examination of conscience and Act of Contrition)

Watch Father Bryan and Father Luke demonstrate how to go to Reconcilation by clicking here

Corporal Works of Mercy (click into the Corporal Work of Mercy for suggestions on Parish and Community Service opportunities)