To The Parents

We at St. Mary’s youth ministry are so grateful to work with your children and help them grow in their faith experiences here. Our core mission is to ensure that they continue their faith experiences as they grow older, no matter what format it may be in. We cannot express how much we enjoy having the youth in our programs, and we hope to keep the programs spiritually alive and healthy for many years to come. It is important for you to also know how much we value the safety of our kids, and keeping the building safe is a priority. Also, Youth Ministers and Core Team members keep up with the Diocesan “Protecting God’s Children” training. Along with ensuring a safe environment, it is also strengthening for the youth to have their parents involved in the programs they attend. Whether you are a parent who has sat in on and engaged in classes, been a chaperone for a youth group, or are a parent core member, we greatly thank you, and we hope that all parents see the value of their role in their children’s spiritual life.