Program Option and Registration Information

St. Mary’s offers a family-centered faith formation program for families with children in Grades 1-High School where parents –

  • customize their child(ren)’s faith journey utilizing a combination of at-home online faith lessons, Family Lesson Workshops, and/or Youth Lesson Nights.
  • participate in family service opportunities with their children.
  • take part in parish and liturgical events as a family.

In order to participate in and begin our Faith Formation program:

  • We ask that at least one parent attend a *Start-up Meeting each year to learn how this program can work best for your family. Once you’ve attended a Start-up Meeting, your family can begin the program with your child(ren)
  • Complete your family’s online REGISTRATION 
    •  Please contact the Faith Formation Office as soon as possible for the next available date to attend. By phone or email at: 716-688-0599 or 

* IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the Covid-19 mandated restrictions, our Start-up Meetings will take place virtually via Zoom until further notice. Please know that we will take all precautions necessary to continue to offer our program and its components safely to our families in a timely manner online and virtually via Zoom. That being said, there will not be any delays in when families can choose to begin the program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Faith Formation office at 716-688-0599 or email 

God Bless and take care!