Easter Sunday Consider this…

Consider this… Better than alive and well!

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

You will hear me say this for the duration of the Easter Season, and I hope you participate in responding with joy because today we celebrate what our faith is all about. Why believe in Jesus? Because the possibilities aren’t just endless, they’re BEYOND any end. Death isn’t even an end when we believe in Jesus. The resurrection proclaims for us that Jesus wins, death loses. All pain, suffering, agony, cruelty, bullying, injustice, abuse (I hope you get the point), have an end when we are believers in Jesus. The deadly, and deathly things in life cannot overcome the power of Jesus’ resurrection. Hope! That is what all of us have as a part of today’s great solemnity. That means we are not just doing ok, we are better than alive and well because the resurrection is the remedy to everything! That is why there is such hope and joy!

Consider all of the symbols that speak of resurrection:

Easter Egg: a symbol of the tomb, when broken open it gives new life! When you crack your egg, be sure to say ‘Christ is Risen!’ Consider cracking eggs with someone, make it a competition to see whose egg is stronger!

Pussy willow: traditionally the first sign of spring as the bush is the first to push new life into its branches.

Easter lily/flowers: the flowers open and give us the fragrance of life, and the flower itself is the source of new life, attracting bees to help new seeds/bulbs to form.

Chocolate: the sweetness of resurrection is clear when we enjoy a treat or two – I encourage you to say Christ is Risen when you pop a chocolate during Easter!

Easter basket: contains the new life of the open grave, sweets, treats, breads, sausage, eggs, ham – whatever you place in your basket is meant to be the feast giving us new life after our Lenten fasting.

The Easter Season lasts for seven weeks! Let’s allow the new life, hope and joy of the Resurrection to propel us in our daily living.

Please know that St. Mary’s is here to be that place of hope and joy in your life. If you haven’t joined us in a while, welcome back. If you’re a regular, great to see you again. If you’re visiting, welcome. If you’re in need of contact or want to know how to reach us, check the last page of the bulletin for our contact info and we would be happy to assist you in any way possible. All are welcome here!

Christ is Risen!

Keep Smiling:-)


Fr. Bryan