Organization Meeting Covid Attendee Log & Instructions



For the safety of all our parishioners and visitors – please read and follow the instructions below, which have been developed in accordance with the NYS Department of Health, NYS Governor’s directives and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines


Each meeting or gathering attendee shall:

  •  Adhere to St. Mary’s Guidelines For Using Parish Center Rooms And Outside Areas at all times.
  •  If possible, participants are to bring their own supplies to minimize sharing of high touch materials to the extent possible or limit use of supplies to one person at a time and clean and disinfect between use.
  • Upon entry to the meeting space, enter their name on the Organization Meeting Attendee Log sheet and answer COVID-19 screening questions, as follows:
    • Sanitize hands using sanitizer provided.
    • Take temperature using provided no-contact thermometer.
    • Using their own pen when possible, enter first and last name on the next open line of the form.
    • Provide a phone number in case of a need to contact after the meeting
    •  Answer the series of questions related to possible COVID symptoms and exposure listed on the daily log sheet, circling Y for Yes or N for No for each question.
    • Place your initials in the appropriate column to certify the answers.
    • If the answer to any of the questions is Yes, they should immediately return to their vehicle and contact the meeting organizer by phone to be directed as to any next step.
    • If the answer to all the questions is No, re-sanitize hands and proceed with participation

Meeting Leaders:

  • Be sure that all attendees adhere to St. Mary’s Guidelines For Using Parish Center Rooms And Outside Areas, being especially mindful of arrival and dismissal times, certain activities, consumption of food, and other such situations which may inadvertently invite a breach of protocols.  Any variance in following the guidelines must be submitted in writing to the Rectory and approved prior to the meeting.
  • A tool kit box containing current protocols, sanitization supplies, extra PPE, logs, etc. will be provided in each room.  Place the attendance log, thermometer, and hand sanitizer from the tool kit box near the doorway so that attendees can utilize upon entry.
  • Ensure that all attendees complete the log. Be sure to add yourself to the attendance log as well!
  • Prior to leaving the room, group leaders are responsible for ensuring all table tops and used counter surfaces are sanitized using the supplies provided
  • Place thermometer, hand sanitizer and other supplies back in the tool kit box and return to designated location as indicated on the top of the tool kit box.
  • Sign and date bottom of attendance log and return to the Parish Office immediately following the meeting date. These logs will be securely stored as a part of required COVID 19 safety documentation. 

**Please note: Guidelines regarding COVID safety practices are subject to change as new information becomes available from the various governmental agencies. St. Mary’s will update COVID safety procedures as updated guidelines are issued.


Rev date 2-16-2021 LPU