Continue the Legacy of St. Mary’s Swormville

July 10, 2020


To Our Fellow Parishioners,


As we head into the last quarter of our fiscal year, it’s important to update you on the financial
state of our parish.

The Covid-19 pandemic has touched all areas of our lives. This has been a difficult time for
everyone, including St. Mary’s as a parish community. In closing our campus, we were unable to
celebrate Mass and receive the body and blood of Christ as a faith family in our beautiful
church and chapel. Fortunately, we were able to provide a virtual weekly Mass each Sunday to
keep us somewhat connected.

However, the closing of our campus for that length of time has compounded the pre-existent
decline of our weekly and monthly offertory giving. Contributions have dropped significantly
over the last few months as compared to last year. If this trend in declining offertory continues,
the Finance Council projects a substantial annual revenue shortfall. This shortfall, of serious
concern to the council, will redesign our campus and program offerings.

Regardless of occupancy in the pews, our parish has operating expenses- utilities, payroll,
maintenance of parish buildings and grounds, etc. New procedures outlined in CDC guidelines
for Covid safety and supplies increase our expenses in the months ahead. We are reviewing all
campus expenditures and have asked every department on our campus to review their annual
budget and propose suggestions to reduce expenses.

Let me assure you- St. Mary’s is a spiritually thriving parish and school community that is filled
with the Holy Spirit and love of God. We are family. Despite the many challenges that have been
placed before us over the last few years, we continue to grow as a community in faith. This is
not the first time we have been challenged financially in our 170 plus year old history. We will
overcome this financial challenge that has been placed before us now- but, we definitely need
your help.

Therefore, we are appealing to all parish families to participate in a collaborative initiative,
which will help us reduce the current and projected revenue shortfall and insure a healthy
financial future for St. Mary’s:

  •  If you have stopped giving for any reason, would you prayerfully consider restarting
    your weekly/monthly contribution to support the parish?
  •  If you have continued to contribute through this challenging time, we thank you! Would
    you prayerfully consider increasing your contribution to help with this shortfall?
  • Would you please support parish fundraisers that are being organized by the many
    volunteers here at St. Mary’s by purchasing or selling the picnic raffle tickets you have
    received, and coming out to buy the chowder and chicken dinners at the end of July?
  • Would you help spread the news about our fundraisers to family and friends so that we
    can meet or exceed our fundraising goals?

As we await the arrival of our new pastor, whenever that may be, please know that we will do
everything we can to continue the prosperity of this beloved parish community and will always
keep you informed. Your financial support is critical in sustaining our future- our sacramental
life, ministry and program offerings, St. Mary School and Family Faith Formation program.

Thank you for your kind and generous consideration of supporting St. Mary’s!


Deacon Rick Stachura
Temporary Parish Administrator


Jim Metzler
Finance Council Chair


Eileen Nahigian


Dan Herberger