Consider this…What can’t you live without?

Consider this… What can’t you live without?

Congratulations to our young people who are continuing to receive their First Holy Communion. I am always inspired by our families journeying together, bringing their children to Jesus. I hope that inspires you too.

This past week I was asked the question; ‘What spiritual practice do you do every day that you can’t live without?’ This really caused me to do some thinking. The person asking me this question shared that if I couldn’t answer the question, then do I really have a relationship with Jesus. I have to admit, it took me some time to determine my answer. Certainly I pray every day, I pray the prayer of the church, known as the office, I do my best to say a rosary every day, I spend time in meditation each morning, I celebrate Mass, pray privately each night and do spiritual reading, when I can. But what of my prayer life couldn’t I live without?

I think this is a great question for all of us. What spiritual prayer/practice in our life can’t we live without?

As I mentioned last week, St. Mary’s is more than just a ‘place to go to mass’, we need to invest in our parish because this is where Jesus is present and calls us into community. Christ is revealed in our community of faith. It is here that Jesus shepherds us and guides us so that we can have our ‘best life’ possible! Investing in St. Mary’s is a way to enhance our relationship with Jesus because of our encounter with him when we gather here. Is the encounter central to our life with Jesus?

My answer to the question posed was the celebration of the Eucharist. At times different parts of the Mass strike, challenge, root and comfort me. I find my life filled with hope whenever I celebrate mass.  But for the fullness of that experience I need the community of St. Mary’s to help me. Our celebration of mass makes the fullness of Jesus revealed when the people gather, in the sharing of sacred scripture, in the priest celebrating and in the breaking of the bread. (Vatican II, Sacrosanctum concillium #7) Therefore your participation helps me, and I pray that my celebration of mass helps you. We are in it together! So, by extension I can’t live without you!

What can’t you spiritually live without? I pray at least some of your answer is St. Mary’s. May we together invest in each other so we can build God’s kingdom.


Keep smiling,:-)

Fr. Bryan