Welcome to all those who are joining us this weekend for our annual St. Mary’s Parish Picnic. Please know that you are always welcome here and that your support is greatly appreciated. To all who are volunteering, thank you! We couldn’t do it without you!

As we gather this weekend at Mass and socially, gathering together as community is what Jesus constantly calls us to. In the Gospels we hear Jesus bringing people together, making sure people the world casts to the margins are included. Every time we gather we are reminded that we too have that task before us, we are called to bring people in and help them to be a part of the larger community, and no matter what is going on in their lives, we welcome them.

This weekend as we socialize as a parish community and raise funds for the many ministries and  activities of our parish, all of us need to welcome one another. Let us invite those who will join us this weekend to see all the good that is happening here at St. Mary’s. Each of us is the face of St. Mary’s, let’s make sure we let our smiles shine and bring the love of our parish to all that we encounter! 

I would also like to take a moment to update you on what is happening with the Road to Renewal and my return to St. Mary’s. As you are aware I have been away from St. Mary’s for much longer than originally anticipated. As I have been working with the Family of Parishes in North Buffalo, Black Rock and Riverside, the time has come for them to move forward with a new pastor. That pastor has been named and will begin on September 1. Therefore, I will be returning to St. Mary’s officially on September 1. I will be more visible starting this weekend at various Masses as the North Buffalo Family transitions, and I will slowly make my way back. A great big thank you and acknowledgement go to Fr. Luke, Fr. Ryan and Deacon Rick for their help in making sure all has run smoothly in my absence. Thank you so much for your leadership, St. Mary’s is truly blessed.

On another note, I wanted to share with our parish that Fr. Ryan will be taking an extended time away. We pray for Fr. Ryan and look forward to his return to St. Mary’s in the future.

With so many things continuing to happen at St. Mary’s, it is hard to believe that it’s summer! Many places slow down during the summer months… not St. Mary’s! Great things happen year-round here and it’s all for the love of Jesus!

Keep smiling

Fr. Bryan