Consider this… Here we go

Sep 1, 2022 | Blogs, Fr. Bryans Weekly Post

It’s Labor Day weekend! Where has the time gone? As I write this column teachers are on campus for start of the year training, faith formation workshops are going strong, organizations and their meeting schedules are cranking into high gear and I just approved a letter for Christmas preparations!!!!

Our parish is blessed in that we have so many opportunities to grow in our relationship with Jesus here at every age. As September begins, we can’t lose sight of our purpose and goal which is to make and accompany disciples. Our theme this year as we progress towards our 175th anniversary is, ‘Impact of Discipleship.’ What is the impact of us being disciples both in our parish and in our world?

Looking at the impact each of us has on our worlds, means that if all of us intentionally act as a disciple in our day to day living, it will profoundly impact the world as a whole. The impact of discipleship means people are introduced to the person of Jesus through us. The hungry are fed, the poor are raised up, the naked are clothed. These are simple examples of the impact of discipleship. As the parish ramps up for fall, I invite all of us to consider what impact we can have on St. Mary’s, and on our community.

Let’s start with St. Mary’s. Again, all we do here is to make and accompany disciples. Consider one way you can make an impact on this parish community by getting involved, sharing your faith story, speaking about your own relationship with Jesus. You can make an impact, give it a try! Get involved!

As you remember, we had asked that as many people as possible complete the Discipleship Maker Index survey this past spring. We learned from the survey that many people do not feel comfortable sharing their faith story, or why they have a relationship with Jesus. This year is our opportunity to really understand, grow and learn why making an impact as a disciple is important. Sharing our story is just as important because that is what Jesus asks us to do. Share our relationship that we have with him with others. Whenever Jesus made disciples, he invited them to go out and spread the Gospel. That has not changed!

What if you need help making that impact as a disciple?  All education at St. Mary’s, whether it’s our school, faith formation or adult education is about developing and fostering that relationship with Jesus. If you want to know what the impact of discipleship is, and don’t feel you’re ready to share your personal faith story, consider learning more about your faith to give you the confidence needed!

This is going to be a busy month! Let’s make sure all that we do reveals the impact discipleship can have on our parish and in our world, and if you need help doing that, come grow with us!

Keep smiling,

Fr. Bryan