Consider this…Father’s Day & More!

Consider this… Father’s Day and more!

Happy Father’s Day to all Father’s!!! The role of a father figure is so essential to our world and can’t be discounted or taken for granted. It is important to have the positive male role model in one’s life. So many of our fathers are great men of God, and we need to thank God for them! A priest friend of mine always says, ‘Mom can teach the faith, but if Dad isn’t practicing the faith, the children will not practice either.’ I realize this
is a generalization, but there is some significant truth to this. What we learn has to be practiced and the example of a father goes a long way in influencing his children. This weekend, let’s celebrate all of our fathers and say a prayer for them!

Thank you Mary Jo! This weekend I also want to publicly thank Mary Jo Aiken for her seven years of dedicated service to St. Mary School. As we have concluded yet another school year, it takes great leadership to make a school successful. Mary Jo has given her all to make sure that our school was not only successful, but thriving especially throughout the past year. Many adjustments were made and our children had a safe school year. Congratulations Mary Jo on your retirement. May God bless you abundantly!

Graduation! On Friday our 14 (please check this number) 8 th graders graduated from St. Mary School! Our parish is very proud of the young men and women you have become! Always keep St. Mary’s a part of your life. Remember we are always here for you, and look forward to continuing to see you for Mass and developing your faith life as you continue to grow and mature.

Faith Formation! Our family faith formation program has been moving forward with their start up meetings and getting our new year started. Our theme ‘With God All things are possible’ is a great way for all of our families to grow in their faith together. If you haven’t registered your family, don’t wait!!! Now’s the time to get registered and help your family learn and grow as disciples!

Renewal! Last weekend I spoke at all of the masses about the Diocesan initiative, ‘Road to Renewal’. Included in this week’s bulletin are some talking points about the Renewal to keep you in the loop. Let’s be sure to pray for this initiative so we can be a stronger more vibrant church!

Keep Smiling,:-)

Fr. Bryan