Consider this… Divine Mercy Sunday 4/11/21

Consider this… Jesus I Trust in You!


Today concludes the octave of Easter, the eight great days in which we fully celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. At the conclusion of the octave we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, a day in which we are reminded that we have no reason to doubt! Jesus is alive, he has risen from the dead for you and me, and that he wants nothing more than to shower us with love and mercy.

The phrase, Jesus I Trust in You, found at the bottom of the Divine Mercy image is a challenge for all of us, and the question we should focus upon this week. Do we really trust Jesus? I mean, REALLY trust? How often do we try to control everything in our lives, control our destiny, our future? Even when we make decisions, is including Jesus in our decision making an afterthought? How often do we make a life decision and THEN pray that it all works out? As believers we have to realize that being in a relationship with Jesus means that we include him in all aspects of our lives. Don’t be afraid to ask Jesus about decisions that are being made, or including Jesus in the struggles of life. Jesus wants to be included! This weekend in our Gospel we also hear about Thomas. Thomas is probably more like us than we care to admit. We have a hard time believing the Good News because it just doesn’t seem to apply to our lives like it does to others. Ever thought that?

This weekend all of us are invited to believe and to trust. I encourage you, trust and believe that you are loved, that you deserve mercy, and that you are an important part of Jesus’ plan of salvation!

Let’s focus on trusting in Jesus. Each day this week, begin your day with the words…

Jesus, I Trust in You

And see what a difference it makes!


A special thank you to all who made our Holy Week and Easter celebrations so beautiful, from our environment committee, to the music ministry, to all of our ministries that served and helped assist people coming to St. Mary’s. It was a true testament of the good that is happening here at St. Mary’s. God bless you all!

I also hope that you enjoyed hearing the bells of St. Mary’s on Easter! You will hear them everyday at different times. I will put the schedule in next week’s bulletin and let you know what the different bells signify. Thanks again to all who contributed to make our faith heard in our community and to let people know we are alive and vibrant!


Christ is Risen!

Keep smiling:-), 


Fr. Bryan