Consider this… Christ is Risen!

Several years ago, there was a credit card commercial that had the tagline; ‘What’s in your wallet?’

On Easter Sunday I think the question asked by that commercial could be changed to; ‘What’s in your  Easter basket?’ Certainly, I’m sure all Easter baskets have the traditional items of candy, sweets and Easter eggs. Maybe in some there are peeps, sausage, bread or even some horseradish. Whatever your traditional items in your baskets are, I hope they bring joy and remind you that the joy of Jesus’ resurrection can be found in those items. At the same time, I’m also curious if we have identified in our baskets the not so traditional items that are associated with this great day of Resurrection? Have we found hope, joy, love, mercy, peace?

The message of the Resurrection is simple; Christ is Risen! This simple yet profound message has the power to transform every aspect of humanity and all of creation. Our response to ‘Christ is Risen’ is ‘He is Risen Indeed!’ The Risen Christ is with us still today and this event that we commemorate reminds us that the effects of the resurrection are able to be evidenced in our lives. Whenever we recognize the virtues associated with resurrection, we are participating in it! When we participate in or share joy, hope, love, mercy, peace, kindness, etc., we share in the resurrection.

I’d like all of us to try something different this year for Easter. Each time we reach into our Easter basket we should practice being a person of resurrection. What does that mean?

  1. When I take a sweet from my basket to enjoy, bring a sense of sweetness to someone in your world that needs it.
  2. When I grab a jelly bean, say a kind word to someone.
  3. Eating something with peanut butter in your basket? Butter up someone’s day by complimenting them.
  4. Anytime you go to your basket, say Christ is Risen along with a brief prayer for someone who is in need.

There are so many ways we can experience and share in the joy of resurrection!

When you come to St. Mary’s, you come to a place that is focused on helping you encounter the resurrection. No matter where you are on your life’s journey, the goal of St. Mary’s is to accompany you, and together to share in the hope and joy of Jesus’ resurrection.

This day of resurrection is a time to remind all of us that we are here for each other. If you ever need assistance on your faith journey, please reach out to us. We are here to share in the fullness of the Easter joy Christ brings us, and we want to help you experience that too.

Happy Easter, Christ is Risen!

Keep Smilingsmile

Fr. Bryan