Consider this… Catechetical Sunday

This weekend we recognize all who teach the next generation. The vocation of teaching is one that is a true gift and needs to be recognized. Having taught prior to seminary I can certainly attest to the dedication and passion that every good teacher brings to their profession. The hours, dedication, determination and passion a teacher brings to their profession can influence a child their entire life. It is important that we bless, recognize and support those who teach the next generation.

At St. Mary’s on this Catechetical Sunday, we appreciate and recognize all those who teach our children and families here at St. Mary’s. Our Family Faith Formation program educates over 500 children and their families as they learn what it means to be a Disciple and follower of Jesus. I have to say that the program offered here at St. Mary’s is one of the best programs I have ever been a part of. The dedication of our Family Faith Formation staff and the catechists is unbelievable. The family is the core focus of our Faith Formation program, and the needs of every family are taken into consideration when it comes to forming families in the faith. The gift of a family faith formation program is that we at St. Mary’s recognize that parents are the primary teachers of faith. How a family learns the faith and practices the faith will influence our young people more than any other effort our parish can make. Therefore, it is essentially important that our parents feel supported and can learn about their faith, while at the same time teach their own children why their faith is important.

When I was studying to become a priest, I had a teacher that spoke about faith formation often. One of the things he always said was that when it comes to teaching families, it is of the utmost importance that we realize mothers are the core teachers in the family, but fathers are the examples needed in the family. If mom teaches and dad practices the faith, the children will know what it means to be a disciple. Now this is a generality, but the point he was making was that it takes a family to raise a disciple of Jesus. All of our families have to strive to help each other grow in their relationship with Jesus.  

At St. Mary’s, we are blessed to have great staff, great catechists, a great Family Faith Formation program, a great school, great families, and great individuals who demonstrate their faith each and every day. If there is ever anything that we as a parish can do to assist anyone growing in their love of Jesus, never hesitate to ask.

Keep smiling, 

Fr. Bryan