Consider this… Blessed!

Next Sunday our parish will be participating in the first annual Corpus Christi Procession. How do we witness as disciples and believers to Jesus? By bringing him into the world! All of us are invited to participate in this awesome witness of God’s love to a world in need of that love.

Who should be involved? Who’s invited?

1.     All First Communicants are invited to wear their First Communion outfits and walk right in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

2.    All children are invited, girls will be throwing flowers before the Blessed Sacrament, and boys will be invited to ring bells.

3.    Families looking to make Jesus the center of their lives- this is an opportunity for all to be present and make visible the priority of Jesus in their family’s life.

4.    All St. Mary’s ministries are invited to come and witness the core to their mission. Without Jesus at the center of every ministry at St. Mary’s, we are missing the point.

5.     YOU! All people, individuals, couples, whatever your state in life, no matter who you are, are welcome to join this celebration.

Even if you attend a different mass next weekend, come and line the driveway from the Mary statue in the back, the sidewalk on Transit to the chapel and witness Jesus pass by and bless you and your lives! Join at one of our two outdoor altars where we will be blessed by the Eucharist.  I promise, this will be an event to remember! Join us!!

Last week I was so excited to announce to our parish community that we will be receiving a newly ordained priest. The future Rev. Ryan Keating will be joining our St. Mary community of faith later in June to be one of our priests. This is an exciting blessing for St. Mary’s and should inspire us and root us in the gift of a newly ordained priest. I spoke with Fr. Ryan this week and he is looking forward to joining our parish community and can’t wait to get here and get started. Fr. Ryan will join Fr. Luke and I in our mission and ministry to each of you. I do want to remind everyone that there is a priest shortage in the Diocese. Fr. Ryan is a gift to assist while I am focusing more on the Diocese of Buffalo’s Road to Renewal. Fr. Luke and Fr. Ryan will care for many of the day to day operations of our parish.

Please pray for the gift of vocations to the priesthood. We desperately need holy vocations! Please also pray for future Fr. Ryan as he will be ordained on Saturday, June 5 at the Cathedral of St. Joseph. Fr. Luke and I will be there supporting and praying for the four men being ordained this year.

God is blessing us, let’s give thanks to God by participating in our Corpus Christi procession. Praise God, great things are happening!!! Thank you, Holy Spirit! Tell others of the Spirit working at St. Mary’s. All are welcome, come experience God’s love.

Keep smiling, :_)



Fr. Bryan