Consider this… Be strong, fear not!

As we move quickly into the month of September, I found these words from our reading from Isaiah encouraging. Be strong, fear not!!! Summer is unofficially over, school is starting, COVID awareness and concern is heightening, hurricanes, Road to Renewal, struggles in Afghanistan, sorrow at the loss of life in our military defending our freedoms, etc. etc.

Amidst all of this, Isaiah’s words remind us that God triumphs. Vindication is God’s! God saves us! The reminder from Isaiah is that we need to be part of God’s plan, even with the uncertainties and struggles of our time. As difficult as it can seem, do not let our hearts be troubled, God will see us through! “Be strong, fear not,” are words that are meant to encourage all of us no matter where we are at in life.

Last weekend our Diocese had a special Mass at the Fatima Shrine for the Renewal. Our parish representatives for the Renewal, Joe and Karen Karaszewski were present and as part of the celebration were invited to take a 6-foot piece of rope and tie knots in the rope that represent the struggles our Diocese and church are currently in the midst of. In the next few weeks you will see this rope in our worship space with an explanation to help us all understand that we need to work together to undo the knots in our church. We will also begin praying the ‘Prayer for Renewal’ at each mass at the conclusion of the prayers of the faithful.

This coming week, we prepare for the start of school. I look forward to welcoming all of our students back to our Catholic school and especially welcoming the new families that have chosen St. Mary’s as the place to educate their children. I am also excited for the families in our faith formation program. Many have worked on lessons throughout the summer and many more are beginning their program as the fall season begins. Our school and faith formation programs are a real highlight to St. Mary’s and the work they do is second to none! We have much to be proud of!

As many things begin again, remember; Be strong, fear not!! God is with us!

Keep smiling smile

Fr. Bryan