Consider this… A Time of Rejoicing

Nov 23, 2022

As you can clearly see on the cover of the bulletin, there is a lot going on at St. Mary’s that can make this season of Advent the season of preparation it is meant to be. It can be tempting in our modern culture to jump directly into Christmas. That is why the season of Advent is perfect, it prepares us, eases us into Christmas. Everything that we offer at St. Mary’s is to lead us closer to Jesus and to prepare for Jesus’ coming. The Advent season, when celebrated correctly is all about rejoicing. Jesus came, he is coming again and it’s all for us! Why wouldn’t we want to prepare correctly for that coming? As difficult as it may be, let’s make sure we make the most of Advent. Take advantage of reconciliation, Advent concerts and music, holy hours and the such, so when we get to Christmas we can rest easy that all of the hard preparation work for Christ’s coming is done.

Keep Smiling 

Fr. Bryan