Consider this…

Consider this… Repent and Follow.

This past Monday, we remembered Dr. Martin Luther King, an advocate for social justice. Dr. Martin Luther King in a speech in 1963 said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” Dr. King wanted people and the world to change.

The word repent means turning our life around, acknowledging wrong and doing something different. When was the last time we repented properly? When was the last time we recognized some wrongdoing, acknowledged it, felt bad and then changed our actions for the good? So often we seem to recognize the bad or sin, acknowledge it but we don’t change anything to prevent it in the future.

You and I are invited in a special way this week to repent. Repent from the escalated political tensions dividing our country. Repent from actions that fail to protect the life God gives us, particularly the unborn. Repent from mistrust. Repent from individualism claimed as a right to belittle or disrespect others. Repent from all of the negativity that we may post or engage in via social media. Repent from hate in all forms and follow love.

The first disciples repented and followed true light and love. It means that we are going to have to leave some things behind, and hopefully what we choose to leave behind are the things that we acknowledge feed the darkness of our world.

Have you ever met a positive person that drives you nuts? I know of several and I look up to them often, because they choose to be light. They choose to bring positivity. They choose to be a disciple. Remember being a disciple means that we are to be children of light and love. We should be bringing the light and love of Christ wherever we go.

It’s time for us to drive out darkness and hatred. It’s time to be light and love. It’s time to respond to the invitation… ‘Follow me’. The only thing holding us back, is what we refuse to repent from. This week let’s take the invitation seriously, bring light and love into three places our world needs it most.


Keep smiling:-) 

Fr. Bryan