Consider this…

Consider this… bringing others to Jesus.

How often do we invite others along in our lives? Maybe a little less with the COVID pandemic, but I bet we still  invite people to join us for dinner, join us going out, to the mall, to a movie, etc. We invite others to spend time with us because we enjoy their company. This is a good thing! The question placed before us this weekend, is how often do we invite others to join Jesus? In the Gospel this weekend we see how John the Baptist points out who Jesus is, and immediately John’s disciples follow Jesus. This is something for us to consider. If we are Jesus’ disciples by the gift of our baptism, are we pointing others to Jesus? The better question is, why would we?

If you’re like me, to recommend something or introduce friends to one another I have to have had a great experience or relationship with the people involved or the encounter experienced. I don’t recommend restaurants that are mediocre, just as I don’t introduce people to one another that aren’t important in my life. For any of us to point out who Jesus is to others, we need to encounter him and have a great relationship with him ourselves first.

As we move into Ordinary Time, it is an opportunity to find the hope Jesus is offering to us through his call and ministry. Jesus wants us to encounter him and experience a great relationship with him. He also desires that we introduce others into that great relationship. As you notice from the Gospel, we point others to Jesus, he will do the rest inviting them to ‘come and see’ what he is all about. Our witness helps this to happen. It requires us to respond, and to find him in our daily lives. Hopefully we see Jesus in our day to day living and praying, and when we do, we introduce  others to Jesus himself.

If your relationship with Jesus isn’t what you think it should be, consider this your invitation to come and see all that Jesus offers. If you believe your relationship is good, consider introducing someone else to Jesus. Our lives as disciples are always about growing and leading others to Jesus.


Keep Smiling :_)

Fr. Bryan