Consider this…3/7/21

Consider this… The Laws that guide us.

This weekend we hear from the Book of Exodus, how God bestows the Ten Commandments on the chosen people. The Ten Commandments are given to guide the chosen people into a deeper covenant relationship, so they know how to love God and love neighbor. The Ten Commandments are still a foundational part of our faith, and are a guide for all of us in our own relationships to God and one another. But, are we being guided by them?

This past week I have heard more on the recent ‘Equality Act’ that has been introduced by Congress. I hope that all of us are educating ourselves on this very controversial bill that is now before the Senate. As Catholics, we are certainly about respecting all life. This certainly embraces the child in the womb as much as the elderly preparing for natural death, but it also includes so much more. Those who face struggles because of gender identity are among those whom we must respect. This bill intends to address some of the practical inequalities and the lack of respect that does exist in our society; respect however does not mean forcing something onto someone else.  This bill also introduces regulations that have many negative implications and consequences for other social issues: women’s rights, publicly funded abortions, conscience protections, and faith-based organizations all will be affected… I encourage you to educate yourself on the subject, visit for Catholic insights into this, and discern what this bill has the potential to do, then let your representatives know. As believers, God’s laws supersede human laws.


Our Day of Mercy was a beautiful day, and brought us as a parish closer to our loving and merciful Jesus. Let’s take every opportunity to grow closer in relationship to our Lord as we journey through Lent. Reconciliation is still available every Tuesday evening from 7 – 8pm in the Chapel with Eucharistic Adoration, and every Saturday from 3 – 3:45pm.


Retirement announcements at St. Mary’s. Our Family Faith Formation Director, Karen Smaczniak, our School Principal, Mary Jo Aiken, and our Sacrament Coordinator, Betsy White have all announced that they are planning to retire. Each have different effective dates, but I wanted to let the parish know of their plan to retire so we can pray for them in their transition into retirement. Each has brought such life and love to St. Mary’s, and the talents they shared are certainly visible in the lives they touched. Thank you to each of them for their dedicated service to God’s people.

I also ask that you pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us in finding their replacements. They have certainly left large shoes to fill!

Congratulations Karen, Mary Jo and Betsy.